Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★★★

I love how bleak this is, especially considering they were apparently going for the lighthearted version of dawn of the dead...maybe? Though your soft shoeing levity is immediately met by cat bursting through intestines, senior citizen cannibal slaughter fest, instant karma style. The most lighthearted thing about this is the pastoral stock footage (refreshingly containing only one scene in which an animal is dying a gruesome death. There is a lovely scene with a barn owl, for example). The recycled music doesn't bother me having yet to see contagion though I plan on it eventually. Found this outside my door, on our way to the beach for what turned out to be the best beach day ever. The water was great, the beach suspiciously free of woo hooing douches. This was almost not a perfect way to end the day as the tape had come somehow un spooled from the...other spool, anyway when I took it apart to fix it, I saw light spotting of mildew! I get that you had this tape in your garage or whatever but don't just say it plays great if you haven't stuck it in your vcr in over a decade and also if the tape is covered in mildew charging that much money for it is a serious dick move. Anyway, it does play but re watches in this format will be few and far between. Watching on the projector was fun, such a great bummer ending (similar to that if the resident evil series I just finished) pov getting eaten, gross rat death, a protracted and weirdly tasteful, even 'artsy' nude scene. So much fun. Hate all humanity soda + Misanthropic popcorn only $1.75

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