Superstition ★★★★★

Great 80's flick. Working my way through a youtube playlist of 80s and 90s. Lots of great stuff. Intro to the film is the best part imo, great, batshit kills - but there's gore galore throughout, a creepy little kid ghost you just know is bad news, seemingly innocent preacher teenagers that turn out to be nonstop snark - one or possibly both of them die horribly? And some other dumb kid. It's great. Oh and a priest. Lots of dying horribly in this movie which I need rn.

You know what's just sort of against the rules? Getting a thing u bullied a customer service person into giving u and then STILL insulting them on your way out. It's especially not cool to do this to women as it really seems like it's just a way to manipulate and control us. I mean, it's important for everyone in customer service to be 'nice' but saying a woman isn't nice - which is, it's implied, our sole purpose for being - is extra shitty. Making it worse is being also a customer service person. Not a visitor. I asked this person three times if they could come back again for said thing we were running low on after ten other people tried to take advantage of sure - a free resource but one which, when it runs out, I totally get yelled at by the next ten people for not having. Because no one can xerox something or take a picture of it with their phone? I'm pretty sure it's you not being accommodating at that point.

AND, no matter how many times I asked them to be understanding, they repeated 'yeah, but can I just have two?' Like five fucking times they repeated this, like some kind of heartless, 18 year old mandroid. And because a drawer I have no control over which always slams shut slammed shut and I guess my fallen expression? They chose to toss back over their shoulder 'you could have been nicer about it.' So, I said, 'Yeah? Well, so could you.' They can go view the tape if they want. But I stand by that: one customer service person taking advantage of another's vulnerability whenever we have to say 'no' (yet still be considered nice) is really really really uncool. Anyway, I needed to see some people dragged off and murdered violently and...this movie definitely delivered! Lots of fun.

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