The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project ★★★★★

I live somewhere you can go off for a weekend and disappear forever. In fact, all summer long I bully 'experienced hikers' into bringing one of the free gps locaters offered by our local search and rescue along when they tackle Deer Mountain. 'I really need a locator beacon for that?' they smirk. Actually, yes, because not a year goes by that someone doesn't wander off the trail and go missing.

That situation is bad enough by itself but unexplained noises and a collectively unraveling psyche on top of that? Terrifying.

But the scariest part for me was actually those few moments towards the beginning of the movie when the camera pans back to the car on the side of the road. You know the three aren't ever going to return to that car and that backward glance is what stays with you as it becomes clear what you knew from the beginning - that things are not going to end well. And yet, that doesn't keep the situation from being any less horrifying.

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