The Mask

The Mask ★★★★

60's film project #43:

Let me save you a headache.

When the voice intones put the mask on (or is it put on the mask) now, put your 3D glasses on as those sequences are the only 3D in the movie. The back of the DVD says this is Canada's 'first and only' 3D movie...not sure if that is true? It's psychedelic nonsense which has nothing whatsoever to do with the 'plot' but it's amazing psychedelic nonsense, though I could only see like half of it. Anything with arms reaching or trees worked fine. Some of the other stuff was just sorta blurry. Still! I would watch this again just for those surreal fourteen and a half minutes! (Yep, four stars for those 14.5 minutes. The rest of the plot was mostly tea drinking. Like, cozy tea. Not psychedelic tea.)

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