The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★★½

...I'd like to have something to say about this considering it's my first time posting a review in what feels like forever, but...

Mostly I was just like why does everyone keep calling the phantom *Erik and not being able to remember if all that escaped mental patient black magic practitioner named Erik stuff was in the book which I read but it was a really long time ago. Like, three years or something and getting distracted by why I can't remember all the things and what is the point of reading them if the entire time, I'm bored and then can't remember anything that happened. But I can and do remember how every stupid song from the ALW version goes and still have all of them in my head like simultaneously. I think I really need to watch the Joel Shumacher version again as it's been a while. Also I don't really think I kept almost falling asleep because of the movie. I was just really tired and got up too early.

Note: it was, at least some of it. I am just dumb and have a bad memory. I am currently reading a brit whodunnit girl on the train style thriller and it is so much easier than the 600 page Emily Dickinson bio I am trying to slog through. Is this to be my future? Nothing but airport books? Have a squandered my young 'smart' brain?

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