Upgrade ★★

I'm just gonna say this and slink quietly away hoping no one heard: just feels like this whole movie is one giant troll, a 'safe space' for ppl annoyed that 'they' (meaning people like me) keep adding more letters to that whole gay thing.

Um, but I think I know why (some) people were that much more upset over the idea of women being disposible hero's quest fodder - even tho the movie was the opposite of that - in Mandy, ironically because we the audience get a chance to fall in love with her and truly greive her death. Here, the woman is some unmemorable dialog and shiny hair. We literally do not care what happens to her.

Likewise, the movie finds a really 'clever' 'loophole' where it's acceptable to brutally kill a black woman in this political climate and it's, oh here it comes, get ready (oh and also spoilers I guess)? He's a robot now, technically, sort of so it's not racially motivated at all, so it's cool.

That's it, I'm done. The whole 'should I trash a movie people seemed to love' issue was actually causing me to lose sleep so now I'm grouchy and sleep deprived and should've figured the computer trying to do a 3 hour windows 10 update both times I tried to watch this was like, a warning...

And right after I spent all of yesterday spouting off about women's bodily autonomy, too. And I'm starting to get those things where someone follows me & unfollows me literally the next day....

That just means I'm getting really popular, right? I honestly didn't even think the robokill scenes were that great. Ok I really am done now, off to watch Lost Boys for the possibly 300th or so time.


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