Vampire in Brooklyn ★★

Any movie with a forced pregnancy plot, especially where the character trying to force the female character into said pregnancy is such a typically boring abusive sociopath, has to do a lot to overcome my innate feelings of revulsion and this movie's lukewarm charm (EM's multiple role thing, Kadeem Hardison as a sort of Renfield character) wasn't enough for me. Actually, John Witherspoon is funnier than the rest of this awkward attempt to blend horror and comedy but he isn't in nearly enough of it. (Likewise, Wendy Robie is seen for mere seconds.) I'm really struggling to find something to like other than Angela Bassett and there are far better 90's movies where she isn't just there for aesthetic value. As much as she manages to elevate the viewing experience here, her backstory feels clumsily presented and never really adequately expanded upon. This really only works as a chilling depiction of abuse and being strong enough to break free of your abuser, otherwise...sorry, but no.

(The ending gets an extra half star but still...too little too late.)