• Enter the Devil

    Enter the Devil

    So many badly dubbed lines with the word 'wood' in them used to describe a giant deconsecrated crucifiction icon that 'sexually torments' a young art student, i simply cannot choose ...

    But it wouldn't be a ritual horror theme without an Italian sexorsist (actually one of the many alternate titles) ripoff movie

  • Hagazussa



    Another ritual horror theme this week. Sort of a guessing game of if all my sight unseen (or unread) picks really will have rituals in them.

    A similar game is: Literal Witchcraft, or no? Sometimes, it's not literal to convey a sense of powerlessness and isolation that goes into the belief, which is often the only control women have over situations like these. The narrative often hints that it doesn't matter if what's onscreen is happening or not because all…

  • Alaska


    90s but not horror. Oh well. These little discrepancies are bound to happen. Plus, my bio clearly states: 'the occasional kids' movie.'

    So at least I'm consistent.

    I think at the time, I declined watching this because it wasn't 'real' Alaska. Which is accurate, as it was filmed near Vancouver. Yet, that's pretty close to where I live, regions-wise - only one and a half overnights on the ferry! Vancouver is the thing you see when certain - as I…

  • The Fan

    The Fan


    Is it just my insomnia, or does the infamous line in this feel somehow ... rhetorical? No? Just me?

    Also Lauren Bacall in her 70s Hamptons beaching ensemble is everything

    I have never used that phrase before ... what do u think did I pull it off okay?

  • Terror of Frankenstein

    Terror of Frankenstein


    I truly dislike the reasoning that all this rejection is making me a better person while simultaneously teaching me that being repeatedly told I can't do the only thing I am good at other than getting yelled at, accused of having an unpleasant face/voice/age and blamed for stuff, is nothing like what some people have had to suffer this past year because what in the fuck am I supposed to do with that life lesson?

    And wouldn't it, if you…

  • The Phantom of the Opera

    The Phantom of the Opera


    Watching this a second time I don't have much more to say, maybe because this is SUCH a deeply familiar story to me by now. Instead, I am soothed by flickering movement and an ephemeral barely-there existence, reassured for now that I am going to be okay.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    'I've seen a lot of things, but ..."

    Revisited this for last week's posthumous theme. I was so excited to see this as a teen but was not quite old enough and our theater is really strict about enforcing the rating system. I couldn't even get into Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. True story.

    Anyway, this time around, I kept thinking about the poor pianist whose parents pushed him toward medical school and subsequently, he was never exposed to…

  • The Cars That Ate Paris

    The Cars That Ate Paris


    Not at all what I expected when I was memorizing the Leonard Maltin movie guide and vowing someday, I would watch all of those movies in the future!!

    Which is not what I expected, either. Or, I didn't expect to spend so much time consumed with rage because another bunch of dudes with another podcast spammed my Picnic At Hanging Rock ig post about their podcast like I follow at least the 'no spamming rule' as a maybe someday author…

  • Twisted Nightmare

    Twisted Nightmare

    Yep it's basically the unkempt hair guy, who you pretty much KNOW who it is, that's killing everyone, from the vhs cover with his arms raised up in the air ... like someone out for revenge from being burned by some other jerks like he just doesn't care.

    Was considering this for a theme but whatever list I found it on doesn't seem to get that there's a difference between a camp movie and a camping movie so I guess…

  • House on the Edge of the Park

    House on the Edge of the Park


    Like all great Ruggero Deodato, deeply unpleasant but exquisitely shot

  • Night of the Blood Beast

    Night of the Blood Beast

    Could be sort of pro choice ish?? Except, it's really kind of not because what it's saying is, you women should just get busy saving humankind through natural and pro-human pregnancies, as a man gaining any kind of empathy for anything through forced impregnation is clearly just wrong and suspect.

    It's a pre-60s horror week! I know I'm excited!! Yeah!! This is me, excited about Monday! All right!! Mostly because, due to the no budget shittiness that is this movie,…

  • Fever Lake

    Fever Lake

    Occasionally, I'll be looking at the wasteland that is my list of remaining 90s horror -

    I mean, I know that there's good 90s horror I haven't watched, but every time I look at my list, all I can think is that it all looks pretty terrible and that there are a lot of II's and III's and XXVII's (exaggerating obviously but that's how it feels) and then, I'll decide that would really be fun is to watch something utterly…