• Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    The Horror of Marna Larsen presents: 🦄Super🌈Queer🦇Horror Classics

    My major freakout not gay enough moment this June (because there always is one) is actually restarting my phone because no way I post this to stories and like ...no one will even ...sometimes I just worry that

    I keep thinking someday: I will be published and the other legit queer horror authors who have been published (and didn't get ambiguous replies that may be code for too gay but may also…

  • Beach Party

    Beach Party

    'The pit! Bring me my pendulum, kiddies; I feel like swingin'

    My obsession with fake surfing at least distracts me from compulsively collecting 'vintage' circa 2007 cardigans from anthropologie

    See? I didn't purchase a single cardigan the entire time I was watching this ... or 80s Halloween mug (the kind originally sold in grocery stores) or VHS tape. Certainly, i don't need this on VHS ...Or do i??

    Next weekend, I start really going through the house to get rid…

  • The Hunger

    The Hunger

    The Horror of Marna Larsen Presents 🦄Super 🌈Queer 🦇Horror Classics

    I have to just start by saying: I really do not like it when ppl dismiss people who discuss queerness in terms of being attracted to the person, like that's too vague, or some attempt at being diplomatic about not really being very gay at all, or like I am trying to exploit some kind of ambiguity or something? I get that Sarandon says it in kind of an older…

  • Where the Boys Are

    Where the Boys Are

    I have the 80s one on VHS and I've watched it a few times. I feel weirdly nostalgic because I first watched it around 'spring break' I guess when we had our non lockdown lockdown where we were like 'just the grocery store and the pharmacy and that's it ...unless u were in the middle of a home improvement project and must go, maskless, to the hardware store, or i guess hairdresser but just a trim ok!! And no doing…

  • Crypt of the Vampire

    Crypt of the Vampire


    The Horror of Marna Larsen presents 🦄Super 🌈Queer 🦇Horror Classics

    Yeah this really is some big gay chemistry here

    Sorry sometimes, I watch something a hundred years ago and get a really strong impression and then it turns out that was some movie I was watching in my head instead of the actual movie. I was very pleased to learn this wasn't the case here, as I'd hate to think I didn't know what I was talking about when I…

  • Daughters of Darkness

    Daughters of Darkness

    The Horror of Marna Larsen presents 🦄Super🌈Queer 🦇Horror Classics

    For reasons I can't seem to fathom rn, I found this watch pretty deeply unpleasant in terms of representation and even just the characters are all trapped/doomed/compelled into terrible relationships which is not a great vibe? The punch bowl death thing still bothers me as it seems both stupid and somehow really, really gross.

    Idk parts of it are definitely pretty to look at? The setting is just so perfect for…

  • The Baby-Sitters Club

    The Baby-Sitters Club


    First watch of the summer!!!

    (In honor of how i think everyone thinks book 2 is fucking babysitters Coven?? It is not, but everyone i pitch it to answers, within 27 hours with basically 'ew how tween')

    I know I missed my window but like, there was a pandemic

    (Yeah yeah, I know: no excuse for not having zeitgeist omnipotence) ...

    Maybe next time, loserz ...

  • Savage Weekend

    Savage Weekend


    The Horror of Marna Larsen presents: 🦄Super🌈Queer🦇Horror Classics

    Oh boy is that theme at the end still a weird time. And i still really wonder where the creators are with this, as the loop beginning being on you, as your incorrect assumptions about 'upstate man,' still doesn't really refute that I sometimes think this is what conservatives are trying to prevent.

    Not even what you really spend most of your time doing: paying bills, watching movies, brushing your teeth, going…

  • Devil Times Five

    Devil Times Five


    The Horror of Marna Larsen presents: Horror Classics

    Had to watch this on YT as unfortunately, my MEDIA VHS copy had unspooled or respooled, rather? Up into the tape? And has to be taken apart to have the tape reattached somewhere. Originally from Carrs, or what is more likely, the grocery store that was there before Carrs, now Safeway (which is actually Albertsons) Market Place!

    Market place had free cookie day and I got to ride up front in the…

  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    The Horror of Marna Larsen presents: Horror Classics

    I mean, it's just htf anything post 00 anyone can agree is a classic. I feel like if I postulate some terrible 70s movie is a classic, film fans are just more likely to go 'to each their own'

    But I watched this twice on streaming, finally bought a copy for my ig themes (remember those? Yeah, me neither) and watched it AGAIN and I feel that makes a classic: something that…

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    The matter-of-fact way Nick states that his mother died which we are supposed to believe is what first makes him out to be unsympathetic is exactly how I would state it. The nightmare way Nick is believed to be callous therefore suspicious is nothing compared to how those same character traits are painted in women.

    Yet, this mother's day, I am thinking about Amy more than my own dead mother. Amy would surely know what to do in this situation.…

  • (500) Days of Summer

    (500) Days of Summer

    Partial of a much, much, much longer and more personal essay u can click on if u really want. This is part of my Weekends Off Horror content.

    This is still such an emotionally charged movie despite my previously claiming to hate it. There were a lot of things I didn’t realize I was claiming to hate because one restrictive gender binary was dictating that I should. Or I felt if I did, I wouldn’t have to look at emotions…