Heat ★★★

This was slower than I expected it would be for the first hour and a half, yet it never lost my attention (except when I fell asleep, but that has no bearing on my opinion of this movie). For the remaining hour, things got spicy 🔥🔫 My dream team consists of Robert De Niro and (coked-up) Al Pacino. I was expecting to love this because my friend Tom recommended two movies to me this week - this and The Fugitive - and The Fugitive is one of my favorite movies, but I still think this was a great pick for me. Shout out to Tom even though he will never see this. This man has recommended some of my favorite movies to me, and he will wake up to 30 gazillion texts from me that are just Al Pacino quotes in this movie and also one that says, “Omg this dude microwaved a baby.” Also, shout out to young Natalie Portman for really killing it in the 90’s movies I’ve seen her in. This review is very poorly structured, but anyway movie good 🙂

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