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  • Middleditch & Schwartz

    Middleditch & Schwartz


    there are law firm goggles and then there are quarantine goggles and i sat here watching this in week, fuck, sixteen? and thomas middleditch said my name - which, to be clear, doesn’t happen that often on shows when you’re named marnie - and i realized i’d have sex with him. and that was when i knew. this has gone on too long. too fucking lonG.

  • Feel the Beat

    Feel the Beat


    this was cute and i CRIED and it’s been an emotional day my best friend in this godforsaken city is leaving and i am berEFt. sigh. life is just a succession of goodbyes. 

    i love enrico colantoni tho. please be my dad.

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  • Burlesque



    was this good? absolutely not. five stars.

  • Holy Matrimony

    Holy Matrimony

    a truly terrible movie i only watched because i’m going to a recording of ‘how did this get made?’ and this is the movie they’re discussing. 

    i liked no one and wanted everyone to lose. laughed very hard when the car exploded, though. 

    patricia arquette is very beautiful. one star.