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  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle


    Howl Pendragon-Jenkins will always be the main reason why I have unhealthy high standards in dating men.

  • El sur

    El sur


    I was once told that in order to understand certain things, one has to undergo in silence to reflect. El Sur perfectly captures that with the subtle longing as seen with Agustin Arenas' character, leading to apparent grief. The film emphasizes the gloomy milieu of Northern Spain as it tells us that this film is a slow dance of unfortunate circumstances juxtaposed by mysteries. What I love about this film is how they used silence to convey guilt and how…

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  • Smithereens



    I'm just going to reiterate what people around Letterboxd users have said regarding this film: "a bleak film that centers around unlikable, yet real characters." Apart from Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, this film really captures parts of New York that I have never truly seen due ample amounts of romanticization depicted in most movies. I find this film very drastically depressing, but seeing how the main character Wren progresses through out the movie, she definitely had it coming. I have…

  • Maurice



    I was introduced directly to James Ivory from his well-acclaimed screenplay work on Call Me By Your Name. Obviously, I wouldn't miss any chance in seeing his other works, given that CMBYN was an unforgettable experience. Also, the premise of seeing two young men falling in love within the Cambridge campus was enough to win my favor. Maurice is charmingly tender and this in fact, is one of the happiest LGBTQIA+ films I have seen. This is what I admire…