Maurice ★★★★★

I was introduced directly to James Ivory from his well-acclaimed screenplay work on Call Me By Your Name. Obviously, I wouldn't miss any chance in seeing his other works, given that CMBYN was an unforgettable experience. Also, the premise of seeing two young men falling in love within the Cambridge campus was enough to win my favor. Maurice is charmingly tender and this in fact, is one of the happiest LGBTQIA+ films I have seen. This is what I admire most about James Ivory. He chooses source materials that definitely shows a profound sense of humanity in an identity that was and is still deemed as immoral. I also love how movements were used in the film to substitute for words, whether it be Maurice caressing Clive, eventually turning to an embrace. Or that scene where Alec and Maurice exchanging short glances as they play cricket. this film is one of the many movies that gave me enough satisfaction. The novel and the film itself were way ahead of its time upon their respective releases. I have so much respect on how delicate and yet shifting emotion this film left me with.

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