• In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    In the Philippines, films that are centered around secret affairs is very much explosive and rowdy. I affirm this with the same trope of legal spouses against the other person in between, however, In the Mood for Love offered another experience for me to witness. This time it wasn't centered around legal spouses against the third party, crying spouses on their knees, or the petty catfights. This time, I entered an experience on the perspective and sentiments of partners being…

  • Kubo and the Two Strings

    Kubo and the Two Strings


    Kubo and the Two Strings is a visual masterpiece! The animation is honestly so breath-taking and beautiful! The film really paid homage and respect to Japanese culture and folklore, the film is also a love letter to families and dearly departed memories. No amount of words can describe how the film how I am deeply in awe and happy just to experience a film like this. Would definitely watch it again!

  • The Boxtrolls

    The Boxtrolls


    The kitschy aesthetic of the film from scratch and scraps really did me. Also has a good and wacky story that really shows how a man can misinterpret nature surrounding him. A really good film that's as heartwarming and enjoyable from Laika.

  • Adela



    And so we open and close the story of a solitaire woman named Adela, played by the veteran and well-respected actress, Anita Linda. There's nothing to expect much with the film given how it lets you follow a story of an old woman celebrating her birthday on her own, as someone who's a loner, I could relate an awful lot. It hurts to watch an old woman giving her all to make most of her day, only to be let down one by one by the people she loves and trust. Really gives you the fleeting despair of old age.

  • ParaNorman



    I long ignored this film for as long as I could remember. I can probably blame myself for being biased with Coraline as the best ever film Laika has ever produced, but when I suddenly had the attention to watch it, the film unexpectedly warms my heart. There's something so wholesomely done with this film, I can't put into words how ParaNorman taught a lesson on hatred and forgiveness. A kind of theme that really puts you in your place.…

  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


    I don't know where to look with Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander, and Elizabeth Debicki all looking a 100. The film did well stylishly with the 1960s aesthetics and did so much to keep the espionage genre as a new experience.

  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle


    Howl Pendragon-Jenkins will always be the main reason why I have unhealthy high standards in dating men.

  • El sur

    El sur


    I was once told that in order to understand certain things, one has to undergo in silence to reflect. El Sur perfectly captures that with the subtle longing as seen with Agustin Arenas' character, leading to apparent grief. The film emphasizes the gloomy milieu of Northern Spain as it tells us that this film is a slow dance of unfortunate circumstances juxtaposed by mysteries. What I love about this film is how they used silence to convey guilt and how…

  • Maurice



    I was introduced directly to James Ivory from his well-acclaimed screenplay work on Call Me By Your Name. Obviously, I wouldn't miss any chance in seeing his other works, given that CMBYN was an unforgettable experience. Also, the premise of seeing two young men falling in love within the Cambridge campus was enough to win my favor. Maurice is charmingly tender and this in fact, is one of the happiest LGBTQIA+ films I have seen. This is what I admire…

  • Smithereens



    I'm just going to reiterate what people around Letterboxd users have said regarding this film: "a bleak film that centers around unlikable, yet real characters." Apart from Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, this film really captures parts of New York that I have never truly seen due ample amounts of romanticization depicted in most movies. I find this film very drastically depressing, but seeing how the main character Wren progresses through out the movie, she definitely had it coming. I have…

  • Midori


    This is perhaps is one of the many films that I can only watch once. I had stumbled upon this animated film from about five years ago from an article that dubbed Midori as one of the most controversial films ever made in animation. I was first quickly drawn by the film, but had turned to read the manga itself. Suehiro Maruo's erotic grotesque story was surrealism at its best, it simply offered what the art movement of ero-guro stands…

  • The Imitation Game

    The Imitation Game


    It was a favorable attempt to introduce Alan Turing's service during the second world war, however the film didn't seem to depict who Turing was accurately. Watching the film only gave me a mere impression that breaking the enigma was his utmost achievement when there are tons of achievement the film had failed to shown. Overall, the film comes off as a little too mediocre for me, but I can't deny that this brought me a superficial knowledge about his life.