Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★

this is not a good movie by any means. in fact, it’s honestly a pretty terrible one. plotless, nearly themeless, and shoddily cobbled together.

that being said, there’s a zaniness to it that reminds me of old school expanded universe novels (which of course, were also terrible novels) which i dig in spite of all better judgement. what can i say, space train robberies, space krakens, and floating head in jar musical performances scratch a very particular juvenile itch while reminding me just enough of the genre pillaging that lucas did so well.

really horrifically “written” screenplay though (in air quotes cause who knows how much was actually cooked up on disney focus groups or the *shudders* lucasfilm “story” group). the kasdans are just horrible with star wars left to their own devices.

a hot mess, but the fan service embedded in this one continues to bode even worse for the future of lucasfilm under disney.