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This review may contain spoilers.

Alrighty then. I really liked Squid Game. It hooked me right from the start, I was in it for them to win it.
I liked the structure of the whole series and the individual episodes. I though all the characters has great arcs. It was high concept and political and crazy.
The series could DEFINITELY have done without the VIPs. I hated/despised the performances that those actors gave. It really took me out of it. Their voices felt fake, they sounded like they were dubbed even though we didn’t watch it with dubs. They kept explaining shit that had already been explained. I was writhing with frustration at not being able to choose to edit them out of the episodes. The concept was good, very “Hostel”, but the execution was garbage and was so at odds with the feeling of the series.
Also, Wtf was the sporadic voice over? It was crystal clear that that was a last minute edition that Netflix enforced because they were worried that the performance wouldn’t carry through. But, Lee Jung-Jae was fantastic as Gi-hun and all of the expression in his face was offensively overwritten by the internal monologue. An internal monologue that WASNT EVEN CONSISTENT. Sigh.
The ending made me furious. They wrapped up the old man and the childhood friends Mum and Best Girl’s little brother really well. But what the flying feck was his decision to abandon his trip to see his daughter in order to what? Go all Liam Neeson on their bums? It completely disregarded his whole storyline of redemption towards his family and felt like he switched gears to become a completely different character. I’m keen to hear others thoughts on this because me and my partner were so annoyed by that.
In summary, Squid Game was great until some White American executives touched it and fucked with it.

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