Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★½

What an odd watch, probably needs another go to fully sink in.

Let's start with what's great. The script is absolutely top notch, the photography is bubble gum perfection and the score is every millennial's dream. Mulligan is superb and delivers such a commited yet subtle performance that it almost makes you undermine it until you realize how perfectly fitting it is for the role. By now I think everyone knows there's a big twist coming up at the end of the movie, so even tho i'm not gonna spoil it, I must say it left me both satisfyied and very perplexed.

This film achieves something grand, surely. It blends together comedy, thriller and horror and in so doing completely upends their respective canons and the expectations that come with them. Following Cassandra's journey through the ups and downs of this emotional hellride surely makes this a riveting watch, if not entirely fruitful. And that's maybe the point. I enjoyed the ride but when I expected some sort of takeaway, I didn't get anything meaningful. That is, other than what was already understood in the first half. I understand blending genres and and reversing expectations, by all means, I am here for it. But this really puzzles me to a point of not understanding what the intention was behind this story. Is there supposed to be a defined takeaway besides the initial and obvious stronghold of misogyny on the lives of too many women? What's the prevailing genre? How is this gonna affect the cis-straight men who watch it from a diametrically opposed stance? Is the goal ultimately political or narrative? Not that I wanna judge the film through binaries, but what bothers me is that it sends a great variety of stimuli and lands relatively few.

Just like on a thrill ride, I was both entertained and excited all the way through, but when I got off I felt like the same exact person I was before it started.

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