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  • Shield for Murder

    Shield for Murder


    Decent crime Noir about a cop gone bad. Fairly simple but entertaining and effective, the bar scene was pretty brutal and surprising.

  • Lethal Weapon 4

    Lethal Weapon 4


    Yeah, everyone was to old for this shit. Okay, easy joke but this movie came to late and brought to little. They tried to address a younger audience by bringing in Jet Li and Chris Rock. And while Li does just enough to be a efficient bad guy Chris Rock feels so out of place with his annoying talking and attempts to be funny. Although I still liked seeing Gibson and Glover together the rest of the movie isn't of…

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  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

    Perfume: The Story of a Murderer


    Yesterday I had the privilege to see this movie in a small theatre accompanied by an "Scent DJ". So whenever there was a (key) scene in the movie that concerned a certain smell (and in this movie almost all the key scenes regard scents) the audience would also experience this. And that's simply awesome and totally works with this film! It really adds something to this film and it was an outstanding experience.

  • Giallo



    I was prepared for the worst but it still made sad.