• 12 Years a Slave

    12 Years a Slave


    i don't even know what to say. this is one of the most heartbreaking movies i've ever seen, it was so hard to watch and i cried during most of it. it also has many great perfomances, specially lupita.
    i believe this is a film every person should watch at least one time in their life.

  • Lovesong



    the lasts minutes of this brought me into this, nobody touch me

  • The Diary of a Teenage Girl

    The Diary of a Teenage Girl


    I really loved this movie and minnie is such a relatable character. I know the main theme here is a teenage discovering sex but what stole the movie for me was the mother-daughter dynamic. *chef's kiss*

  • Casablanca



    I can't find a single flaw on this movie. the plot was excellent and the chemistry of the two main actors was great,not to mention the iconic lines and shots. one of the best (if not the best) romance film I've seen.

  • Gone with the Wind

    Gone with the Wind


    i only saw it because is my mom's favorite movie and i actually enjoyed the first act a lot. i'm the biggest slut for a good period drama and this definitly is in my top 5

  • Twelve Monkeys

    Twelve Monkeys


    brad really stole every scene he was in ugh that's my man

  • Cruel Intentions

    Cruel Intentions


    I get that has some really iconic scenes but I couldn’t stand any character

  • Sing Street

    Sing Street


    when I finish a john carney movie I always feel the need to persue the musical dreams I don't have

  • The Untouchables

    The Untouchables


    this was different but not in a bad way. it's full of iconic scenes and robert did a great job

  • Blue Jay

    Blue Jay


    wtf I feel so sad and empty after seeing this

  • Booksmart



    WHAT A GOOD MOVIE. it made laugh so much which was what I need it right now. all the characters in it are loveable and the story hits really close for me. maybe my favorite movie of the year so far

  • Rocketman



    THIS is how you make a biopic. taron's acting omg *chef's kiss* I hope he gets all the recognition he deserves