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  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift


    I... actually don't mind it all that much.

  • Smashed



    Better than 28 Days for sure. I appreciate this movie treating its subject matter with as much respect as it does. At the end of the day it's pretty misguided, but it has a good heart and it has something to say which is a start. The performances are great and I think if the dialogue is a little better this could've been a great movie. But as is it's a fair try.

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  • Passengers



    Guys... this movie received more Oscar nominations than:

    - I, Daniel Blake
    - Silence
    - American Honey
    - Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    - Julieta
    - Nocturnal Animals
    - Swiss Army Man
    - Paterson
    - Lemonade
    - The Neon Demon
    - Edge of Seventeen
    - Louder Than Bombs

    ... why?

  • War Dogs

    War Dogs

    "I miss the balls out mayhem of Scorsese. The Wolf of Wall Street was the shit!" - Jonah Hill coming down from his Oscar rush.

    "I miss Damian Chazelle. Intense set-ups. Fast, inventive editing with a mean totalitarian leading the charge over a cool, unforgettable score." - Miles Teller lamenting Whiplash

    "Hey guys, I wrote this script. It's got tits and it's 'bout guns and shit. Want in?" - Todd Philips after a bong load of kush.

    "Fuck it." - Hill and Teller accept their fate.