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  • Anvil! The Story of Anvil

    Anvil! The Story of Anvil


    "I can answer that in one word... two words... three words: we haven't got good management."

    Have you ever met someone, whether it be a musician or a writer or any kind of artist, who was so determined to make it that they ended up growing old and never achieving anything? I think everyone has. The sad thing about this particular kind of passion is that, after a while, it ferments and becomes desperation. I can't think of a worst…

  • Mid90s



    "You literally take the hardest hits out of anybody I've ever seen in my life."

    Here's how I see it: As hard as Jonah Hill is trying to channel the mentors he's worked under (namely Scorsese, but also Bennett Miller and the Coens) it's obvious he can't escape the indelible fingerprints of Judd Apatow and Greg Mottola in his writing and approach. I can't say it's surprising that these two directors seem to have the most effective influence of Hill's…

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  • The Emoji Movie

    The Emoji Movie


    "Out of four possible stars, Rolling Stone has given it... the shit emoji. So... mixed. Let's call it mixed reviews" - Conner4Real

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    (Darren Aronofsky after his first viewing of Perfect Blue)

    Kon - What did you think?

    Aronofsky - Ya, it's pretty good. I might base my entire career on the style, themes, characters and plot of everything you've done here, but, y'know, no biggie.

    Kon - Cool beans.