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  • Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong

    Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong


    More or less a remake of David Lam's "First Shot" from 1993 with less action and more anticolonial posturing, as can be expected from a current Wong Jing flick. The movie lacks local color, the outdoor sets appear to be reused from a period gangster film set in 1920's Shanghai. That being said, it's fun to see so many familiar faces on screen again, particularly people like Francis Ng, Kent Cheng or Parkman Wong. And the plot, while predictable and unoriginal, is engaging, the pacing never slows down and as a whole the movie manages to entertain.

  • Bursting Point

    Bursting Point


    Dante Lam's HK action comeback is quite a disapointment. The man still can do action and it shows, particularly in the thrilling shootout right at the beginning. But the muddled, overstuffed script with way too many subplots and way too many characters turns out to be rather frustrating. The exorbitant runtime of almost 140 minutes doesn't help, either. It's better than "The Rescue" and the "Battle at Lake Changjin" duology, though.

Popular reviews

  • Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire

    Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire


    I love Star Wars, I love Star Wars knock-offs, but I hate this soulless, bland, cheap-looking big budget Star Wars knock-off. There are some short, beautiful action moments to find here but they are crushed by the uninteresting, generic characters, the lazy Seven Samurai rip-off plot(which was done much better in "Battle Beyond The Stars"), the whiny score, the ugly production design and the self-importance of this trashy cringe-fest. Watch it purely to get the chance of reevaluating your view on "Jupiter Ascending"!

  • Born to Fly

    Born to Fly


    Visually impressive aviation action movie from China that borrows some cues and ideas from Top Gun but offers a more technical perspective on aerial warfare and the development of stealth fighters in particular. Unfortunately, the film suffers from the bland characters we expect from Chinese military flicks as well as from sappy melodrama that mostly rings hollow and is stretched out way too long. Fans of exciting dogfights might also be disappointed since those are limited to two rather short…