Jack & Diane

Jack & Diane ★★★★★

Where was this film when I was in school and I really needed it?

There is something mesmerising about this film, from Riley Keough who is virtually unrecognisable, a near perfect copy of her granddad, to Juno Temple's wild haired innocence. I was hooked the whole way through, despite the fact that nothing happens.

Such a rarity to have a lesbian relationship portrayed in such an understated way, and more than that, a natural relationship between two teenagers. The lighting in this is perfect, the werewolf scenes are done excellently, and even though I may not know "the point" of this film, you can be sure it's something that is going to stay with me.

It's sort of like watching an episode of Skins, but slowed down to 10000th of its speed.

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