• Lady Terminator

    Lady Terminator


    Never seen a Tjut Djalil film I haven’t instantly fallen in love with and it’s actually a crime that it’s basically impossible to find the rest of his body of work outside of his 3 “western” movies.

    Between this and Robotrix maybe all Terminator rip off films are good actually

  • Ice



    I wish Traci had written more about her 90s film career in her memoir, how was Zack galligan irl? I must know!!!

  • Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel

    Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel


    Why would I or anyone else want to see sherilyn fenn surrounded by fedora wearing dickheads whilst easy jazz muzak plays constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY in the background which they clearly put in as quick as possible considering bc this came out a mere month after the first episode of twin peaks just aired and to be honest I respect the hustle.

    Anyway sherilyn is obviously good in this but nowt much else

  • Deadly Embrace

    Deadly Embrace



  • The Stepford Children

    The Stepford Children


    I love for these stepford sequels even if they are the same story rehashed over and over, nothing hits the heady crescendo of revenge of… but I still enjoyed the absolute 80s of this one!!

  • I Drink Your Blood

    I Drink Your Blood


    I really had a bad urge to revisit this because I remember thinking lynne lowrey was great in it and I was correct. This is a definitive video nasty for me, especially with that sparse and weird soundtrack.

  • Terminatrix



    There is enough wacky terminator shenanigans to make this good and I haven’t stopped thinking about this films poster for about 7 years

  • Better Off Dead...

    Better Off Dead...


    We can just pretend Dan Schneider isn’t in this right

  • Beverly Hills Vamp

    Beverly Hills Vamp


    From dusk til dawn whomst

  • The Girl I Want

    The Girl I Want

    Finally managed to track this down but it was dubbed in German lol :(

  • Sexbomb



    I would LOVE to find out which producer/movie set this was based on

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

    Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion


    Sometimes I go on r/disturbingmovies to keep up to date with the latest in edgelord cinema and it’s always “Serbian film didn’t disturb me” and never “the vaginal hands and melting, melding bug-eyed monstrosities of end of evangelion put me off my dinner” and I just think it’s weird

    Probably my most favourite avant gard, abstract passion piece of a movie, and I’m not really one to tolerate this much naval gazing but hideki just makes it so compelling and the gluttony I feel whenever I watch it not ever wanting the world-bending to end!!! I just luv eva a lot