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  • Castle in the Sky

    Castle in the Sky


    Film #11 of the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Hunt
    Task #12: A Mark Hamill film

    Some say Spirited Away is Ghibli's finest. Others say Princess Mononoke. Others say My Neighbor Totoro, while others place their bets in Grave of the Fireflies. But for me, the best Studio Ghibli film has got to be Castle in the Sky.

    It's one of the most imaginative pieces of animations ever conceived, filled with pirates, flying castles, beautiful world building, robots, secrets left…

  • Manhattan




    Welcome back to another edition of The Essentials. I'm a week behind on this installment, as work and a personal illness affected my film schedule, but it's all OK and I'm continually having fun talking about the art of film.

    This week's installment is one of my buddy ellster2005's favorite flicks, and that's Manhattan, released in 1979 and directed by Woody Allen. It is one of his most commercially successful films, which is even more…

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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    Reviewing the Commentary #1:
    Star Wars- commentary provided by writer/director George Lucas, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), sound designer Ben Burtt, and effects director of photography Dennis Muren

    What I learned the most from this experience- Chewbacca's roars were provided by different bears, the lightsaber effects were provided painstakingly frame by frame via traditionally animated drawing cells, it took days for Carrie Fisher to get that hologram message scene right, Lucas' belief that Star Wars is not a sci-fi movie, his…

  • Babe



    Sorry I've been gone for 4 days. Went on a camping trip, the Wifi was splotchy, and I never liked typing on my small phone!

    That, and I'd rather hang out with my family during those occasions than waste that time typing about movies.

    But I rewatched Babe during this camping trip, one I had been meaning to give a revisit for a while to see if it still held up, and it definitely still does, making Babe one of…