Batman Begins ★★★★★

Nolan Marathon


Even to this day, Batman Begins still remains my favorite origin story told in a comic book movie.

The way Christopher Nolan crafted this movie, equally balancing out the pacing of Bruce Wayne's origins and the awesome Batman action you want for the Caped Crusader is a work of art. Coming off of the groundbreaking Memento, the execution of its themes of fear and moral depravity adds an artistic flair to a mainstream genre that adds a ton more weight to a film released just a mere eight years after the disaster known as Batman & Robin.

This is a movie where I catch new attentions to detail in each viewing (something I'll in explain in better detail in my upcoming YouTube video, but as a hint, it involves the decline of the monorail as the story goes on), and leaves me begging for more of Batman on the screen. I am beyond thankful that Nolan was given the opportunity to helm this awesome flick that made him such a household name and used this success to ground one of the best trilogies of all-time.

Christian Bale's still MY Batman, voice and all!

YouTube Updates:
-Batman Begins in production.

-Kong: Skull Island will be uploaded soon, along with my May 2019 Bluray Haul video.

-Just uploaded my video of Godzilla 1954...

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