Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco ★★★½

Film #65 of my 100 Day Disney Marathon

Thankfully, Homeward Bound II does not go the obvious rehash route and is an entertaining sequel and companion piece to the original, which seeing that I never saw this film as a kid, it's good that I was able to really appreciate it.

In this sequel, the pets you loved from the first are going on vacation with their family, but a misunderstanding involving Michael J. Fox dog causes the three to set separated and lost in the middle of San Francisco. They are caught up in the middle of rival gang dogs, Fox dog feeling neglected by the little boy who thinks hates him due to personal tastes, and even a doggie love triangle.

Yeah, I didn't say this film was amazing. There's quite a bit of dumb material in this film. The doggie love triangle was completely stupid, and the film brings in villain characters that don't really need to be there, and one of the new animal characters, who's voiced by Sinbad (YOU HEARD RIGHT, SINBAD!!!!!), should have been more over-the-top considering how bonkers he is. His character also has a backstory that goes nowhere.

But even with more evident flaws compared to the original Homeward Bound, I still enjoyed this adventure. Considering how stupid the doggie love triangle was, the chemistry between Michael J. Fox dog and the female dog was still adorable to watch, and there's interesting commentary on the life of the stray and the life of the pet. Visually, the film is awesome and I love that they still used real animals to pull this off. Also, the family aspect was improved here. The kids grew up and had better acting (all three of them), and their drive to find the pets is still the heart of these movies.

Is this a film I'll rewatch over and over? Likely not, but this was a solid sequel that does feel deserved despite some flaws. If the film eliminated some of the stuff I didn't like and focused more on the things I really liked, this would be the pet equivalent of Toy Story 2, but for what it is, it's still moderately enjoyable and I'm glad I saw it.

" My name is Chance and I'm lost in the city with an optimistic dog and a sarcastic kitty. "


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