Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★★

Ready Player One was my most anticipated film of the entire year. Despite having not read the book, I knew this would be a film to see on the big screen because one, it had one of the coolest premises I've ever heard where anything was possible in this virtual reality world and there were characters from every part of pop culture you could think of, and two, it was directed by Steven FREAKING Spielberg!!!!!!

And just coming out of this movie, I was satisfied beyond my expectations. This is one of Spielberg's most imaginative movies in years, and clearly his most visually complex. The worldbuilding of this movie was absolutely phenomenal, creating a visually stunning atmosphere of pop culture that never felt obnoxious or cloying in any way, making we want to be a part of this world pronto, and, like the real characters of this movie, want to join and thrive just to escape from the crappy problems of the real world.

Seriously, I'd definitely want to hang out in The Oasis if I could ride The Delorian from Back to the Future and fight alongside The Iron Giant!!!!!!!

And even more amazing is that, like Spielberg's previous sci-fi spectacle Minority Report, it's a film that shows an amazing world but also has themes showing the pros and cons of technology, how corporations can turn technology for capitol gain, creating avatars just because you hate you own body can be damaging and misleading, and the distortion between fantasy and reality that comes from being in the game for too long. I love movies that entertain while rasing serious questions that parallel our modern age, and Spielberg has done it again!!!

The only real nitpick I have is that some of the supporting characters could have been developed a little sharper than what we got. I'm honestly OK with the "expository narration" in the opening sequence because the narration helped suck me into this visual world. If it does that without insulting my intelligence, it's perfectly fine in my book. Spielberg hasn't really made a fun movie in a while (some will go back as far as Minority Report but Tintin was great as well), and Ready Player One definitely blew my mind from beginning to end. This master filmmaker clearly cared about every aspect of production, from the worldbuilding, to the main characters and the pop culture easter eggs, to the action sequences, to the effects, to the retro soundtrack, to the themes that parallel our modern cultural landscape; this an amazing blockbuster that shows why Spielberg is one of the greatest living directors of all-time.

Go support this movie so that the imagination of cinema will continue to thrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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