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Some on Letterboxd consider Rumble Fish to be an underrated masterpiece, with some claiming it to be better than Coppola's greats like The Godfather and Apocalypse Now!

While I don't rank on the same playing field as those two amazing movies, I can kind of see where these people are coming from.

Rumble Fish is definitely its own movie, and I have to commend Coppola for that! It's experimental in its approach, it takes what could be a conventional drama and flips it on its head, and it's cool that he made a black-and-white film in a age where it's a dying breed of movies.

I especially love the dynamic between our two brother leads, played so well by Mickey Rourke and Matt Dillon. They both play two contrasting characters who both want lives past societal expectations but can't get past their stereotypes, and were both deeply compelling. Even though Dillon played the lead and the film was mostly focused on him, I was even more surprised by Mickey Rourke, who nails a much reserved persona in contrast with the rough type he's more typecast in nowadays.

What holds the movie back for me is how pretentious the storytelling can be at times and my frustrations with its score; its cornball jazz felt out of place with its gritty tone.

But I really dug Rumble Fish for its ambitions, it's great leads, it was great seeing Nicolas Cage before he went full Cage, loved the gritty cinematography with few shades of color, and this is actually a Coppola film past his peak that I'm glad has a fanbase.

Of the two Coppola films adapted from S.E. Hinton, I'll take Rumble Fish over The Outsiders, surprisingly. Rumble Fish was more ambitious and interesting...

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