The Dark Knight ★★★★★

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Even with the influx of comic book movies on the market and the incredible films that have come, movies such as Into the SpiderVerse, Avengers: Endgame, Guardians 2, and Black Panther, I still think after all these years, The Dark Knight is still my pick for the greatest comic book/superhero film of all-time.

Why, you ask? Because here, Christopher Nolan took the things he made so well in Batman Begins and aamped up in the sequel that definitely warrants the phrase "bigger is better". The IMAX photography he brings to the action sequences (which was the first of its kind) and his attention to practical effects make this movie seamless and consistently stunning since it doesn't have to worry about computer technology being dated in 100 years.

This is a movie that deeply explored the Batman mythos and shows how far he must go in order to defeat an antagonist with no rules, which speaking of, excellently by the late Heath Ledger. Both character truly compliment each other to the fullest and really define what makes the movie exceptional, but Heath brought the movie to a whole new level with his original portrayal of The Joker, who is so creepy that he matches iconic horror villains such as Freddy Kruger and Michael Meyers! Heath's posthumous Oscar was well-deserved!

I'd talk more about this movie, but I'll save it for my YouTube video, but it's a brilliant movie that works as a grounded superhero flick, a crime drama inspired by The Godfather, and high caliber art. Still bummed that the Oscars never gave it its fair due for the coveted Best Picture, because I think The Dark Knight truly deserved such an honor in how you can craft a movie that's more than just superheroes and flashy action!

This movie is incredible, has a terrific cast, amazing direction, has impactful themes of morality and chaos that's even more resonant nowadays, and is easily the best of Nolan's trilogy! One of the best sequels, one of Nolan's finest, and my pick for the best comic book movie ever made!

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