The Lady from Shanghai ★★★★

Orson Welles gives one of the most annoying accents I've ever heard. There I've said it. His voice is too deep and dark to play a melancholy Irishman. Though Welles still shows dedication in the role he plays, that misstep is likely the biggest sin the movie commits, along with his annoying voiceovers and some bizarre editing techniques. Other than that, The Lady from Shanghai is a spellbinding noir thriller with exquisite cinematography (that fun house sequence is one of the coolest staged sequences I've ever seen), plenty of smart twists and turns along the way, and one heck of a standout performance from the lovely Rita Hayworth. It's as entertaining of an Orson Welles film as his other noteworthy noir Touch of Evil.

"Killing you is killing myself. But, you know, I'm pretty tired of both of us."

Direction: 7/10
Writing: 8/10
Acting and character: 7/10
Twists and turns: 9/10
Cinematography: 10/10
Editing: 6/10
Dramatic Depth: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatchability: 7/10
Overall: 7/10


Film #8 in my Directors Series (Orson Welles)

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