The Thing

The Thing ★★★★

Special thanks to Anthony Le for recommending this horror classic! If anyone would like to recommend something I might enjoy, please let me know either in the comments below or on my "Film Recommendations, Anyone???" list. Aside from The Thing, I am completely inept regarding the filmography of John Carpenter:

A loose remake of a Howard Hawks film, The Thing is directed by horror legend John Carpenter and has one of the strongest cult followings I've ever seen for a horror film. For someone who's not a true fan of the genre (unless one comes along that entertains while being scary and suspenseful, like Psycho and Alien), The Thing could have been an overrated disaster for me, but thankfully it doesn't disappoint. However, one thing I have against the movie is that there's little to no character development. I could care less for the human researchers in Antarctica. But thanks to Carpenter's snappy direction and well-written script, the story thread of a mysterious alien creature that invades and imitates the human mind makes up for it, pitting the characters against each other and making for an eerie edge.

While far from being the scariest thing I've ever seen, John Carpenter's The Thing succeeds greatly on these six levels; a polished direction with a great script, Kurt Russell, great atmosphere and tension, a freaky-dinky Ennico Morricone score relying on a two-note bass line, excellent practical creature effects, and some of the most hilariously entertaining death scenes I've ever seen.

So much fun, Anthony Le. Another thanks for recommending this!

"Anybody touches me, and we go."

8/10 (great)

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