Thunderball ★★★★

Film #4 of the Bond-a-Thon

Gotta be honest, I had an exhausting day at work today, so while watching Thunderball this afternoon, I dozed off a couple of times, and strangely enough, they were during the dragged-out underwater scenes, which ironically enough, are the worst portions of the movie. Not that they are excruciatingly awful (on the contrary, they're actually well-filmed scenes with beautiful cinematography), but a little trimming and fluid editing would have made those sequences a little tighter and more entertaining.

As for the rest of Thunderball, yep, it's a fun one.

I can see why it disappointed people as there was no way a follow-up could top what Goldfinger accomplished for the franchise, but as sequels go, you could do a lot worse.

Again, gotta give Connery some props here. He's at his most cool here in this movie, and has the best one-liners in his run ("Must be six-inches taller", "Watch her now, she's dead", "Hope he got the point", and my personal favorite, "I hope we didn't frighten the fish."). It's also sad too as this is the final Bond film I think Connery actually enjoyed being in, as the other two, which we'll get to in the coming weeks, he seemed like he stopped caring and only wanted the dough.

What else do I like in Thunderball? I love the beautiful cinematography, both on the islands and underwater, Domino is probably the most underrated Bond girl EVAH and actually helps Bond in the climax of the movie, I love the snazzy theme song from Tom Jones (don't judge me), there's some high stakes raised here in it's Cold War setting with the threat of nuclear war (themes that were also explored in the next two decades with the Cold War lasting up until 1991 and all), and like Goldfinger, it's a nice balance between the serious and the silly (maybe a little more campy here, but it's the fun to watch campy). Seriously, the jetpack opening and that laughable boat climax were the most hilarious portions of the whole movie!

If the main villain mas more memorable as a threat to Bond, 007's female assistant was used more as an ally rather than a sex object, and the editing was tighter, then I'd love Thunderball even more. But as is, it's another entertaining entry in the franchise, and was the last enjoyable film of the Connery era.


NEXT WEEK........ You Only Live Twice, starring Secret Asian Bond.

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