Yesterday ★★★★


An absolute treat!

Danny Boyle crafted yet another rock-solid film, with a crazy and funny premise about The Beatles being erased from existence and a struggling musician's chance to reshape a new reality with a supergroup's music, all with a romantic comedy angle to the film that made the film sweet and charming to watch.

Hamish Patel is someone to look out for as his Beatles covers were really good, and Lily James, my gosh, I have a serious crush on her!

Mix that sweet relationship in with hilarious supporting performances from Kate McKinnon and Ed Sheeran, believe it or not, and you've got an entertaining movie that's a love letter to Beatles fans!

Not perfect; if you think too much on the logic to the alternate timeline, there's a crapload of plot holes, and the romantic comedy angle hits some familiar narratives, but as a comedy with Beatles music, it's still a fun ride and it's solid counterprogramming if you're someone in the superhero fatigue (I'm not, as I plan on seeing Far From Home next week, but I'm throwing that out there for the people that do).

Between this, Rocketman, and hopefully Blinded By the Light, we've hit a classic rock-a-ssance.

YouTube Updates:
My Yesterday first reaction video will be uploaded shortly, and I'll leave the link in my next entry, but for now, you can watch these videos I've posted.

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