Joe ★★★★

Very strong movie experience! Some of the best I've seen of Nic Cage, and Tye Sheridan only continues to impress with yet another fantastic performance. I have high hopes for Tye Sheridan, if he keeps it at this level his career is going to be big, definitely one of the best child actors I've ever seen. These two main actors are not the only ones that shine, without all the great performances this wouldn't have worked. To know that the guy that is playing the father of Tye's character, Gary Poulter, has never ever done acting before is almost unbelievable, even more unbelievable is that he actually was a homeless guy who actually died on the street months after the shooting of the film was done. You truly hate him in the movie, but what a performance he is giving. That's what I've heard the director wanted with this film, he brought locals that has none experience whatsoever with acting into this film, and it truly worked out for him in a good way.

The atmosphere is perhaps the best thing about the whole movie other than the performances, where the score was absolutely wonderful, perhaps crucial for the aforementioned atmosphere, and it fit perfectly. Its pacing may be slow at times, but it's just like last years Mud, the other film starring Tye Sheridan with the title being the name of one of the main characters, if you enjoy a really good story you'll definitely be engage by the movie, I sure as hell was.

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