Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps ★★★★

"Thrill me."

I picked Night of the Creeps to be my 3,000th distinct film watched, and it was a perfect choice.

It's full of great stuff: Space slugs! Dialogue that's alternately snappy and deliberately cheesy, with the detective (Tom Atkins) getting the best one-liners. Plenty of gross creeps. A little 1950s SF/horror flick nestled inside this 1980s SF/horror flick. Make-up effects by Roger George, who also did The Terminator and The Howling.

And perhaps best of all, a sense of fun pervades the whole film. It's packed with little horror references, from Corman University to last names like Cronenberg, Hooper, and Romero. It looks like it was fun to make, and it shows.

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