Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

Loved the constant inserts and the painstaking period detail in the lengthy driving scenes (which I imagine ate up a significant part of the budget - so many cars, billboards, buildings to recreate). My absolute favourite scene was when Rick Dalton plays the heavy in a TV Western pilot like it's Shakespeare. My main thought from the film is how much effort and sincere artistry goes into even the most disposable cultural product.

I found myself thinking about poster designers, grips, wardrobe people, stunt men of course, the person who painted the dog on the dog food can... People created all these things just for this film of course, but in real life unappreciated art is created and forgotten every day. Setting this in an era of Hollywood that's not remembered particularly fondly, if at all - in the popular imagination, caught between the death of classic Hollywood and the rise of New Hollywood - is a large part of the point

Don't know what the rest of it's about though.

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