Scream ★★★★

have i ever lied to you about having seen Scream? sorry. i hadn’t actually seen Scream. but now i have!

this one’s a long time coming. i remember attempting to watch this with my old college roommates but i was very high and the stabbings in the opening scene were a lil too brutal for me and i got really nauseous and almost puked, had to tap out early. s/o to carly for pressuring me to watch the vhs copy i bought this weekend (btw this movie absolutely slaps on vhs).

i wish i hadn’t already seen Scary Movie a bunch of times as a kid cause i was able to call the events of this film beat by beat but still this is a lot of fun. cheesy and dated, never really taking itself seriously but still filled with some pretty good spooks. idk what to say about it that hasn’t already been said, i went into this ready to call it overrated but it works really well as both a satire of horror tropes and its own separate horror story.

also y’all were right about Matthew Lillard that guy’s so hot 😔

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