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This review may contain spoilers.

AVENGERS!!!!! ....... Assemble

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I completely forgot to watch this yesterday as it was 2 years since I & everyone else saw it in the cinemas (and hearing that line). But here I am today watching it. The final part of the 11 year story arc which began with ‘Iron Man’ had 21 films in front of it, so it needed to pay off. And it definitely does!!!!!! The hype surrounding ‘Endgame’ was unbelievable. After the cliffhanger ending of ‘Infinity War’ and not knowing what it would be called. Every single fan was waiting and waiting for information, teasers etc.... And when we did, all we wanted was to see the film. 

The film is broken down into the rightly 3 hours run time. The first hour is all about the aftermath of the snap, the remaining Avengers going to kill Thanos, and the 5 year gap period. And how everyone is dealing with life. This is some of the best written moments inside the MCU and the second best hour of the film. With conversations between Steve and Nat being a stand out. Finding out that Tony finally settled down and got his own family. Even Scott seeing his daughter all grown up is emotional. We get our first look at Smart Hulk, and the physical change that Thor went through. And trying to bring the world back to pre snap. 

I know “fat Thor” got and still gets criticised about how they dealt with Thor suffering with PSTD (you should have gone for the head) I never had those issues with him that people does. 

The second hour is the time travel segment. Which brings the team together and splits them as they try to get the infinity stones from their past in order to snap everyone back. This is the hour of the film I find less interesting than the other two. It’s not bad, noting major stands out either, except for Black Widow’s death. Which was a SHOCKING surprise at the time.

AND NOW..... ONE OF THE BEST HOURS IN FILM HISTORY I HAVE SEEN!!!! Pure fan service and at times emotional. This hour is why we need the cinema experience. “On your left” was only the beginning of it. Then Alan Silvestri’s portals theme began to play. Then that line..... Cap lifting Mjolnir, Yes it could be just all just CGI, I don’t care, this was one hell of a experience.  Then it gets emotional, Tony’s death. I remember trying to hold my tears back. “I love you 3000”. 

If people want to hate this film for any reason that’s fine. But I simply can’t. This is why we LOVE the cinemas and the experience that comes along with it.

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