Candyman ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

First time watching 

Nia DaCosta’s sequel / reboot of ‘Candyman’ fails on any hope I had for this film.

Let’s get it out of the way, this is DaCosta’s film. Not Jordon Peele’s. Yes he is a producer and an co-writer, but in the end, the director is DaCosta. It’s her film. 

Sorry this probably go down as one of the most overrated films of the year. Along with the original film as well. This should have been the horror film that delivers dark, psychological, nightmare imagery. But it didn’t. They wanted to show off more of a political statement. That isn’t what I wanted from this. I don’t there being a statement of sorts, but I don’t want it being forced down my throat. And I’ve seen it 3 times from writer Peele with only one of them films being an masterpiece. 

The story is dull and a complete mess. For a horror film, it has to get underneath our skin. It doesn’t do that. Like I mentioned, they wanted the political statement to be the main front, which took away any scares they had going (and tbh it wasn’t really scary). Social commentary people. The whole story is empty. You don’t care for the characters, they have the same personality all through the film. The ending is completely rushed which makes it trash. Then it ends. The film is only 1hr 30mins long. 

What happens the the final act is that the twist is so crammed into the story that it does feel like it wanted to be a late surprise which didn’t work. We find out one of the main characters has childhood trauma earlier in the film, and we only get a small flashback of it. It was pointless. Everything seemed to be rushed to craft a small tight pace film. But the film didn’t use its pacing well. The kills weren’t great either. Not even good. The only one that was half decent was during the art gallery scene. 

Candyman as an character isn’t scary. Doesn’t have that same presence as the 90’s original. He’s just kinda there…. Tony Todd is wasted in the limited screen time he has. 

I think Nia DaCosta’s directing is alright. And probably the stand out of the film. She definitely showed what she could achieve with her talent behind the camera. I love the use of shadow puppets to show flashbacks instead of achieve footage. 

This film has no creepy atmosphere being set up, it throws it’s little scares away for a more political statement tone, DaCosta’s ‘Candyman’ will go down as one of the biggest disappointing films I’ve seen this year.


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