Cruella ★★★★½

I’m just getting started, darling. 

I shouldn’t enjoy this as much as I have done. But this is a excellent film! I really love this and happy to see it in a cinema. This is a massive shock!!

A live action Disney film that got some sort of a style going for it. It’s dark, it’s fun it’s got a edge towards it, and just injects the punk rock era movement and embodies it fully.  

Everything on show ticks all the boxes in every department. Craig Gillespie’s directing is superb, just like ‘I, Tonya’ he has made a film that is entertaining from the beginning to end. 

Both lead actresses are simply fantastic. Emma Stone as Cruella, she is perfectly cast in the role. Taking on a role that requires a character with two personalities, Stone nails it by changing her tone of voice and alter her mannerisms!! (Yes this is like a female version of ‘Joker’)  Emma Thompson almost takes the cake of having the best performance of the film as the Baron. She is able to be amusing and horrible within the same scene which made every second of her screen presence captivating. 

Everyone who worked in the costume, production and make-up department, take your hat off!! It’s a gorgeous looking film! Each costume is a scene stealer.

This has a soundtrack that would make Tarantino drop to his knees. Each needle drop is place perfectly. 

I think the only issue I have is the use of CGI on the Dalmatians, it is obvious and at times it’s not good. (Coming from Disney who made the remake of ‘The Lion King’ which from a technical standpoint, it’s a great looking film)

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