Scream ★★★★

I'm Sidney f*****g Prescott, of course I have a gun.

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+ Twenty-five years after the first series of Ghostface killings in Woodsboro and countless 'Stab' sequels that followed, an brand new Ghostface killer is on the loose to reveal the town's darkest secrets while making an 'Stab' remake film.

For an horror series to make it to five instalments and still be entertaining is not possible. Apart from this franichse... 'Scream (2022)' is somehow an fresh entry that still manges to keep the original feels. Everything feels in place and natural and nothing seems to be forced.

What made this franchise stand out is the use of meta storytelling and jokes, and you would think coming into the fifth film, the meta would be worn out, but surprisingly it's more cleaver than before. It still works. Well done. This time, the meta aspect focus on toxic fandom and the use of legacy characters in these so called "requels" films that Hollywood seem to be wanking over right now. There is an full on meta scene where it's explaining the purpose of requels and I was on board and agree with the points and facts they mentioned.

Without the late great Wes Craven, making an brand new 'Scream' film without him probably sounds like the worst idea ever. But with directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett who both worked on 'Ready or not' on board, this is more of an love letter to not only Wes himself but his legacy. They are not trying to simulate his directing style, they are not trying to copy any techniques. This is their film, and you can tell these two people adore this franchise and the work and effort that Wes put in. The only similarities I can really think of is the pacing does feel like an Wes Craven 'scream' paced film, I was genuinely surprised how quick this film was, there wasn't no moments to slow the film down and the third act arrives quicky.

The writing is clever, it feels at times that they want to toy with the audience. I feel like the Ghostface killer twist is better here than in 'Sre4m' there is better motivations for the characters involved. It does definitely miss some certian charming and witty moments that Kevin Williamson brought, as he didn't return to write but unlike 'Scream 3' this film actually works without his writing talents, this made characters not dumb, what I mean by that is that there isn't many stupid character decisions here, instead they replace them with more smarter moments. It also the most emotional 'Scream' film which is am shock as it's not known to carry any emotional beats what so ever. This still has humour, but that slightly mixed imo. Some jokes work well especially the in-jokes, and some of the other jokes do fall flat.

This film is brutally violent. Easily the most bloody film in the long running series. They definitely went up an notch with the kills, they are ruthless and sometimes an little hard to look at and I love those moments!!

The legacy characters has an much smaller role than expected, the main focus is the new group of teenagers who are the ones who are being targeted by Ghostface. Honestly speaking, they are not good but neither bad, just average. From the new lot, the best are Melissa Barrera & Jenna Ortega with their incredible chemistry. It's great to see the original trio, both Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox are still great in their respected roles. But the best performance of the whole film has to go to David Arquette, he is fantastic as an broken Dewy. It feels like he gets the most screen time out of the trio. Love him in the film. Him and Courtney share an emotional scene together which delivers some of the best acting this franchise has to offer.

'Scream (2022)' the perfect example of how to keep on injecting some freshness into an long running series, with some brutal kills, an great performance from David Arquette and being an love letter to what Wes Craven achieved. Fans of this series are going to have fun this brand new entry.


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