The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★★½


This is just a simple, wonderful, heartwarming Disney family film that is inspired by true events of Ivan the Gorilla voiced by Sam Rockwell who puts in a very good voice performance to make the audience love him.  🦍 

If you like these types of heartwarming animal movies then you should enjoy this alone or with anyone else. This is just a simple movie that you can watch with people and still get feelings towards the end of the film. 

The CGI on the animals mouths when they are speaking looks very good all the way through.

All the voice actors do a very good job all, especially Sam Rockwell as i mentioned at the start. HOWEVER, my favourite performance from this film is actually Danny DeVito as “Bob the Dog”, I really enjoyed every line that he spoke. 

The main glue that holds the film together is Brian Cranston as the main human character “Mack”. His performance keeps this film from falling apart all together. He is just great in this.

Probably the biggest issue with the film is how rushed the 3rd act feels, (granted it’s only 95mins long) that’s a real shame given how well the first 2 acts felt and moved at a reasonable pace.

Other than that, this is definitely a film that families should check out, it’s very enjoyable for all ages. So glad this film meet my expectations of what I was expecting for this.


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