Theodore Rex

Theodore Rex ½

First time watching.


+ Female detective Katie Coltrane (Whoopi Goldberg) is paired up with Theodore Rex, an genetically generated T-Rex, to find the killer of other prehistoric dinosaurs.

Yeah how many of you knew about this film??? Put me in that club. I never never heard of this until one of my letterboxd friend, Gary Cruise, peaked my interest after he watched this and sent me the link to watch it. I'm an man to my own word.

Thanks Gary but I would like my 1 hour 30mins back if possible...😂😂😂😂

In what is the most expensive straight to dvd film ever, Whoopi Goldberg teams up with an man in an poor dinosaur costume. What more do I need to say ??? Haha.

Goldberg just has no energy for this project what so ever. The practical costumes are awful. There isn't any comedy as that's gone down the toilet. This is an massive chore to sit through for its slow pace and for its own stupidity.

Fun fact: crew members constantly left during production so by the end of the shoot it was an completely different crew than the one that started according to Whoopi herself.

Honestly fellow letterboxd friends, I don't care, just go and watch this if you haven't so. It's not one of the worst films I've seen, but it is definitely one of the dumbest. 😂🤦


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