Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Uh. That’s just a trash can. 

And that is where this film can go. 👋   

Since I’m from the U.K. and where I’m living, involves us being in a tier system and that means my local cinema is closed, but that doesn’t stop me from watching this hot mess of a film, thanks internet... 

To start with, I think the first Wonder Woman film is very good. It’s nothing special in my eyes, it does have issues but I just like it. However, when you are talking about blockbusters sequels disappointments, people talk about the 2  ‘Matrix’ sequels or in most people’s eyes, the Disney Star Wars films. For me, WW1984 is on my list of disappointments. And my interest was dropping each time I saw a trailer.

Like I said, my expectations was lowering each time I saw a trailer, and given the high praise, I’ve kept my expectations the same but when the disappointing reviews started to roll in, that didn’t help. So I went into this with as low expectations as I could. And even those couldn’t even get matched....

Where to start?

This has all the problems that’s a blockbuster sequel has. Firstly, the script is horribly written. And it’s not just that, it’s really cringe dialogue as well. To go along with the horrible script, the whole film is just messy, the “main” storyline is f*****g
a) boring
b) stupid
c) cliched

The film is straight up boring. For a film set in the 80’s, it missed it chance to be vibrant (like the posters). It didn’t need to be 2hrs 30mins. The pacing is very bad. The film just dragged.

One of the issues I had before seeing this, was the fact that Steve was coming back (from the dead) and how that was going to be handled. Well, it’s handled from being part of  one of the most stupidest plot lines ever. The whole monkey paw story of having a wish but it’s takes something vulnerable away from you secretly just doesn’t work for a film like this, does it?? Having superheroes losing their powers, I don’t have a problem, like in ‘Spider-Man 2’ cause Peter was stress of life and like in ‘TDKR’ where Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman for the majority of the film is that he got his back broken from Bane. But it needs to be frankly not boring, like what happens in WW1984. 

And the thing with Steve, the fact that it technically wasn’t him back but someone was possessed with Steve’s soul to make them look like Steve. That’s absolutely BS right there. Was that the only way it could have worked? No, cause Steve could have come back and then disappear like a sprit, not be controlling of someone’s body. 

AND PEOPLE, WONDER WOMAN IS A RAPIST! Cause obviously the “Handsome man” didn’t and couldn’t consent. But obviously people won’t talk about that!       

When you use the same old troupe that was used in ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ of the soon to be the villain being awkward and nerdy then gets “saved” by the hero doesn’t make your film a good one, as we’ve seen it before. And that’s what they did with Kristen Wiig’s Barbara. Like, really? That’s the best you could have done?

The effects, for a big budget blockbuster, is not good. Especially the “fight” at the end (if you want to call it a fight) uses the old Hollywood trick, make it so dark in colour and the lighting that the CGI looks good, but it doesn’t. My god! I said that when the trailer dropped and we got the first look. ‘CATS’ is back..... Just kill me now.  

The action, when there is actually something, just feels bland and nothing spectacular. The stunt choreography is poor. And in an age of modern day action film with fantastic choreography, what went wrong with this film?? There was so little time with Wonder Woman.   

Gal Gadot, still fine and hot 😍, just looked like she was bored. I couldn’t get with her and Chris Pine’s chemistry this time around. I’m guessing that the fact that Steve was supposed to be dead..... What’s the harm of setting up a new love interest with someone like Barbara... But she probably go after the guy who she raped. But since there isn’t going to be any continuity this won’t pop up again. Typical.

I’m sorry, but Hans Zimmer, you had the chance to make your score like it was from the 80’s and you didn’t. And was it only me who thought the music piece for when Wonder Woman was learning to fly again sounded a lot like ‘Time’ from ‘Inception’??? Massively disappointed with Zimmer. 

Right, let’s get onto the things I actually enjoyed.... I really like Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord. I know his performance was way over the top, but it was very entertaining to say the least. And I enjoyed Kristen Wiig, more as the Barbara who was awkward at the start of the film than the Barbara that we got to see progress into the cheetah. But her character was underused and Kristen herself was wasted.

And the mid credit scene. Was that supposed to set up WW3 or was that a some sort of a tie in joke with us fans???

The message of the film that I took away from this film, don’t cheat in life..... 

A massively disappointing film. And since WW3 has already been greenlit, they seriously need to figure out what they want to do to close Diana’s trilogy on a hopefully high note .     

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