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  • Paths of Glory

    Paths of Glory


    Stanley Kubrick’s third feature is this blistering anti-war drama with an adapted screenplay credited to Kubrick, THE GRADUATE’s Calder Willingham, and crime novelist Jim Thompson. Perfectly attuned to producer Kirk Douglas’ liberal idealism, PATHS OF GLORY stars Douglas as a French colonel during World War I who defends his troops against court martial on charges of cowardice. Ordered by generals Adolphe Menjou (THE FRONT PAGE) and George Macready (GILDA) to undertake a hopeless mission sure to mean the slaughter of…

  • Judgment Night

    Judgment Night


    Universal updates THE WARRIORS for guys from the north Chicago suburbs in JUDGMENT NIGHT, an illogical story that works as well as it does through the slick machinations of director Stephen Hopkins, just coming off PREDATOR 2. Except for a few ill-conceived split diopter shots that call attention to themselves, Hopkins is content to let the actors carry the action through the cold, scary streets of the Windy City at night. Four buddies on their way to a boxing match…

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  • Action U.S.A.

    Action U.S.A.


    Only watch this if you love car chases, car jumps, car explosions, car smashes, and burning men.

  • Invasion of the Star Creatures

    Invasion of the Star Creatures


    Goddamn this wretched science fiction comedy created by a pair of Roger Corman actors. Jonathan Haze, the star of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, wrote the story and screenplay, which was originally titled MONSTERS FROM NICHOLSON MESA as a tribute to AIP head honcho James H. Nicholson. Bruno ve Sota, whose Corman credits include A BUCKET OF BLOOD and THE WASP WOMAN, directed the film, his third and last as a director. INVASION OF THE STAR CREATURES is worse than any…