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  • Joker




    This movie can and will most likely trigger bad emotions and sensations. If you are sensitive or have a medical history which could be badly affected by it, I STRONGLY advise you to refrain from watching it. Thank you!

    To the review at hand:

    You will leave the room feeling like a weight has been lifted from your back. That I can guarantee you. Joaquin's interpretation of the notorious crime clown isn't only great: it's pure…

  • Jingle All the Way

    Jingle All the Way


    Looking back, I didn't remember how awfully written this movie was.

    It still has that nostalgic feeling of the family gathering around our 21 inch TV, on a slightly cold Sunday afternoon, with a bowl of popcorns sitting on top of our laps and a gigantic novelty cup of soda on our side.

    But, let's be honest: it's a bad movie that didn't age well.

    I won't ask a Robert DeNiro or a Michael Douglas standard of interpretation out of…