Captain Marvel ★★★★★

A fun, family film that has ended up inspiring so many people. I feel like I could write a whole dissertation on how good this film is. Let people enjoy it and let people feel empowered by it - the acting was amazing, the plot was very well put together and I loved how the plot was a combination of so many storylines of comic book Carol throughout the decades. It fits into the MCU so well, and creates an interesting backstory for both Carol and Fury. One of my favourite things about it was how the characters were all very relatable and grounded, which made it all the more fun to experience. This is a must-watch for anyone, superhero fan or not.

(edit - this is not the best film ever by any means, but it gets 5 stars because of how it made me feel. I’ve never watched a movie that has changed my life so much and inspired me so much. I get it’s not for everyone, but give it a chance, it might surprise you.)

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