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  • The Young Karl Marx

    The Young Karl Marx


    A fun review of a critical time in Marx's life. The film is not in-depth, nor realistic—that is, unrealistic in the sense that Peck, rather amusingly, throws some of his and Engels' most profound one-liners after drinking montages or after overly dramatic epiphanies.

    However, I had so much fun watching this that it's hard to give this a poor rating. I'd watch it again, in fact. There needs to be more films ripping apart capitalists, in my opinion.

  • United Red Army

    United Red Army


    The first and third parts of this tripartite film are definitely the strongest, but the middle illustrates the danger of authoritarianism as well as the incapability of authoritarianism and communism. When you infuse authority in any ideology, it seems to only lead to purges and murder.

    As an American leftist, we are rarely exposed to any of the 1960s-70s radicalism outside of the Western context and this film was illuminating and refreshing, particularly in the first part, to see the…

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  • Nightcrawler



    Sweet Jesus, Jake Gyllenhaal brings it in this film as Louis Bloom. I was completely convinced that he was an autistic sociopath from his gaze that holds for just a little too long, to his highly analytical and fast talking dialogue that just sounds like Bloom is attempting to sound normal, to his love for matriarchal figures that he can manipulate. Actually, scratch that, he is somehow able to manipulate every single person in this film.

    It shouldn't be a…

  • Prince Avalanche

    Prince Avalanche


    Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a unique, minimalist character study and this movie certainly delivered.

    Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch could not have better chemistry on screen and this film has left me yearning to see more of Rudd in independent dramedies.

    Both actors did a phenomenal job making their flawed characters likable and relatable to the audience. I'm sure some of that credit needs to be given to director David Gordon Green, who did an equally commendable…