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  • A Woman Is a Woman

    A Woman Is a Woman


    Alfred Lubitsch: What're you thinking?
    Angela: Nothing... I think I'm alive.

  • Pierrot le Fou

    Pierrot le Fou


    Ferdinard: [quoting what he has written] "That is the basic problem... you're waiting for me... I'm not there... I arrive... I enter the room... that's when I really start to exist for you... But I existed before that... I had thoughts... I may have been suffering... So the problem is to show you alive, thinking of me,and at the same time, to see me alive by virtue of that very fact." Underlined.

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  • Blow-Up



    “By developing with enlargers things emerge that we probably don't see with the naked eye. The photographer in Blowup (1966), who is not a philosopher, wants to see things closer up. But it so happens that by enlarging too far, the object itself decomposes and disappears. Hence there's a moment in which we grasp reality, but then the moment passes. This was in part the meaning of Blowup.”

  • Zabriskie Point

    Zabriskie Point


    “Well, as an author I claim the right to delirium, if for no other reason than today’s delirium might be tomorrow’s truth.”