Dunkirk ★★★★★

It's hard to even begin on a film of this magnitude. I can talk about its scope, it's huge grandeur and sweeping camera shots. I can speak to its humanity, the horrors of war played out for individuals and the British resilience shown firsthand. I can tell you about its gorgeous cinematography and masterful editing. But all of this can only scratch the surface of how astounding DUNKIRK is.

We've all heard the name but how many of us really know the story? Further still how can we imagine what it must have been like for the hundreds of thousands of British and French troops trapped by their enemy at Dunkirk. No way home, no end in sight. Except instead of biding their time they initiated a daring rescue with a lot of help - soldier and civilian alike. Through land, sea, and air the soldiers made it home, and Nolan plays beautifully with these three natural elements, using them as the core of the narrative.

Additionally Nolan's jump around timeframe work is put to excellent use here. I've seen people complain about it but I can't fathom how anyone could not understand it. Title cards tell us the important places and how long we're there, and the rest unfolds naturally. I can't say enough that this movie is breathtaking, Hoyte Van Hoytema's cinematography brings Nolan's incredible vision to life in lasting ways. I'm in awe of this film, and beyond thankful to whoever lets Christopher Nolan make movies the way he wants to make them.