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  • Beyond the Darkness

    Beyond the Darkness


    when francesco threw up i felt that

  • Superstition


    starting off with an exploding head and then a series of good, sudden kills. yeah!!! as scary as they can be (and the misogyny is inherent) i do love those curse of the witch movies bc when you have a scene of miss witch cursing everyone and all of their ancestors for eternity she is always about to die yes and it's quite horrific yes BUT she's having the time of her life. the scene in this one is particularly…

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  • Possession



    what even is there to say... there's no amount of burnout and ppl using miss adjani screaming her face off as a meme or as the only movie made in another decade that represents Unhinged Women or whatever that will diminish the absolute perfection that this movie is. from the very first second when it simply slaps you in the face with the music, every line, every shot of despair and madness and confusion, everything. there's nothing like this and there's no one like zulawski to pull it out of the actors and his collaborators.

  • Alucarda



    I love my fellow satan worshipping lesbians