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  • Olivia


    what an odd one! let me start saying this poster absolutely fucks. i recognized lommel's name but i couldn't remember which movie of his i had seen so i thought do i look up will that change my opinion maybe it's something i hated, but turns out i actually did love the devonsville terror and it had some interesting themes and i wondered if this one would too. and it does! fairytales, fairytales.. that familiar beginning, very marnie, very schizo.…

  • Ardent Summer

    Ardent Summer

    i love fuego a lot but god how i wish bó had done more movies like embrujada.. sarli is everything but when she's around some supernatural elements and blood <3 anyway nothing supernatural here, but there is some blood. i picked it bc i figured with the word revenge in the plot maybe miss sarli would get to kill someone again and she DOES so i'm happy

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  • Mädchen in Uniform

    Mädchen in Uniform


    This movie is so refreshing. I'm a 19 year old lesbian, I haven't yet seen all lesbian movies that exist out there (sadly) but I've seen enough to know how the stories go. They tend to be directed/written by men, which may be fine for most people but it still feels uncomfortable to me, no matter how well made some of the movies are. They are still on my watchlist though because I can't really choose much. They also tend…

  • Maurice



    maurice: not that you asked but im in love with your gamekeeper and we had sex in your house when you and your wife were away also we had sex in other places too and now we are running together to the greenwoods but it's none of your business dont talk to me i dont want your advice ok bye!!!!!!!